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Sample Carlow Pre-Planning Report

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    Administrative Boundaries

    Electoral Division:
    Municipal District:
    Named Settlement Boundary:

    Zoning & Designations

    Read the Carlow County Development Plan 2022-2028
    Local Area Plan:
    Core Retail Area:

    Infrastructure & Waterways

    Within 500m of a Motorway?
    Within 500m of a National Road?
    Within 500m of Regional Road?
    Within 500m of Rail Line?
    Within 250m of waterway?


    Public Right of Way Within 200m?
    Within 500m of Scenic View Point?
    Within 500m of Scenic Route?
    Landscape Classification Area:
    Landscape Sensitivity:
    Landscape Type:

    National Parks & Wildlife Designations

    (Data Source & Disclaimer)
    Within 15km of a Special Area of Conservation (SAC):
    Within 15km of a Special Protection Areas (SPA): No
    Within 200m of a Natural Heritage Area (NHA):
    Within 200m of a Proposed Natural Heritage Areas (pNHA):

    Buildings & Conservation

    Record of Protected Structures within 200m: (data source & disclaimer)
    Distance RPS No. Structure Address NIAH No. Rating Importance

    Within 100m of an Architectural Conservation Area: (data source & disclaimer)

    Within 50m of a Dangerous Structure?

    Within 50m of a Derelict Site?

    Within 50m of a Vacant Site?

    National Monuments within 250m: (data source & disclaimer)
    Distance Description Class Code Entity # SMR Zone # SMRS #

    Within 250m of a National Monument Zone of Notification (Section 12)? (data source & disclaimer)

    National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH) within 200m: (data source & disclaimer)
    Distance Name NIAH Ref # Rating / Period Original Use Current Use


    Data Source & Disclaimer

          Planning History

          Recent Planning Applications within 200m:

          Distance File Development Address Submitted Decision

          Recent Enforcements within 200m:

          Enforcements: Case References:

          Recent Commencements within 200m:

          Commencements: BCMS References:


          The information provided here is given without prejudice to the formal consideration of any subsequent planning application. Section 247 (3) of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) states that “the carrying out of consultations shall not prejudice the performance by a planning authority of any other of its functions under this Act, or any regulations made under this Act and cannot be relied upon in the formal planning process or in legal proceedings.”

          This report was generated using a combination of data from Carlow County Council along with external 3rd party sources such as National Parks and Wildlife Service, Ordnance Survey Ireland, and others. The Carlow pre-planning report service uses the best available data that is available to the Council when the report is generated. In some situations, the data used to prepare your report may be incomplete or out of date and this is outsite the control of Carlow County Council. For this reason, you are advised to use your report for indicative purposes only, and not to rely on the results for the purpose of proceeding with an application for planning permission, or otherwise. Carlow County Council is not responsible for any data issues contained in your report. You are advised to read the complete Terms and Conditions of the Carlow Pre-Planning Report service for full background information. This service and the information contained in this report is not intended for use by professional planners or consultants to assist with any services they offer.